Shipping/Handling Policy: 

*** ON ALL ORDERS - Your Name, Address must be Verifiable. 

*** We reserve the right to cancel any order where the above is non-verifiable. 

We reserve the right to cancel any order for security reasons.

*** Due to changes in how the various carrier’s  ( U.P.S., DHL, etc.), calculate 
      shipping charges, an additional shipping charge might be added to your order. 
      Pelican Cases will be primarily affected by this change. 

      We will contact you for your okay on any additional amount before processing 
      your order. 

Eppe’s Corner Accepts:

      All major credit cards as well as Bank Issued Cashier Checks and Bank Issued 
      Money Orders ( U.S. Only for Bank Money Orders ).

*** No Personal Checks *** No Postal Money Orders ***   No COD’s ***.

***  If we don’t receive the Bank Issued Cashier Check or Bank Issued Money Order 
       within ( 10 ) Days, the order will be canceled.

*** We use U.P.S. , U.S. Postal Service to ship most orders . 

*** Additional shipping charges will be applied to International Orders.

*** International Orders must be shipped to the same address the credit card 
      bill statement is sent to.

*** It is understood that Eppe’s Corner is NOT responsible to pay for any duty, tax, 
      or surcharge levied by a country or/and agency of that country.
*** It is the responsibility of the person in that country to pay these charges, not the 
      responsibility of Eppe’s Corner.

*** On some International Orders, due to extreme problems with credit card fraud 
      taking place in various countries, we will only accept International Bank Cashier’s 
      Check in U.S. Funds issued ONLY from a BANK or Wire Transfer with funds first 
      being deposited and verified by our bank before merchandise is shipped. 

*** Eppe’s Corner is not responsible and does not pay the wire transfer fees.

*** If we advise you that we cannot accept your credit card, please do not take offense.
      We are only trying to protect ourselves and keep our prices competitive.