Price: 19.97
Price: 14.2
On Sale: 8.97
Scuba Diving,Fires,Firemen,Industrial,Aviation, Emergency,Mechanics,Aviation Mechanics,Search and Rescue.
Price: 24.98
Price: 9.97
On Sale: 8.58
This is the original Super MityLite version. 2 AAA Batteries. Emergencies,hurricanes, disasters,tornadoes,floods, medical, scuba,scuba diving, photographic, camping, disaster preparedness.
Price: 9.96
Pelican Super SabreLite Xenon 2000 is the PROFESSIONAL WORKHORSE of flashlights.Technicians,Fire Departments,Walt DisneyTech's,aviation,HAZMAT,Search and Rescue,Mechanics,Aviation,industrial,emergencies, disasters, hurricanes. tornados, maintenance.
Price: 24.96
Industrial, HAZMAT, military, maintenance, commercial, firemen, fire fighters, search and rescue, emergencies, disasters.
Price: 23.97
Hand Holdable Hat Clip On. Can be clipped on your coat, shirt pocket or hat to allow your hands to be free to work, hike, bike or read.
Price: 11.94
Versabrite, Xenon, Pelican, 2250, flashlight, clip-on.
Price: 15.96
This Flashlight has been marketed with different names. MityLite 2300, MityLite 2AA, MityLite Magnum 2AA, Pelican 2300 The current name is "MityLite 2300". Maintenance, repair techs .
Price: 17.96
*** DISCONTINUED *** WE STILL HAVE A FEW LEFT *** Military, Police, S.W.A.T.
Price: 42.97
On Sale: 31.68
Industrial, Safety, Hazardous, MityLite, Xenon, flashlight, Pelican 2340, professional.
Price: 16.94
U.S. Navy Firemen,U.S. Navy, Fire helmet,Forest Fire Fighters, forestry, forest rangers, hard hat,Industrial, Electrical, hands free,handicap, elderly,easy on-off switch, firemen, smoke cutter,arthritis in hands.
Price: 24.97
*** DISCONTINUED *** ONLY A FEW LEFT *** Scuba Mask - Hard Hat Clip Submersible,Hard Hat, hazardous, Scuba Mask, environments, Xenon, Multi-Function, industrial, Pelican 2420 MityLite 4-AA flashlight.
Price: 18.94
On Sale: 8.86
The Supreme flashlight for mounting on Fire Helmets and Hardhats. The choice of the U.S. Navy, Firemen,fire helmet,hard hat, hazardous environments,smoke cutter.
Price: 73.96
Price: 27.97
technicians, search & rescue, aviation mechanics, forest rangers, forest fire fighters, cavers, camping, exploring, are just some of the uses for this light.
Price: 29.96
*** CLOSE OUT *** LIMITED TO STOCK ON HAND *** Tactical, pelican, xenon, xenon flashlight, gift, pelican flashlight.
Price: 54.97
On Sale: 24.86
*** DISCONTINUED *** A FEW LEFT *** emergencies, right angle head, safety switch, firemen, fire departments, fire fighting, turnout coats, flashlight, xenon lamp, xenon flashlight.
Price: 66.98
On Sale: 51.96
FireFighter, firemen, search and rescue, turnout coats,fire, fire departments, fire stations, fire trucks, HAZMAT,emergencies, disasters.
Price: 68.99