Pelican stopped manufacturing this product but we still some in stock.
Price: 9.89
Miners Style Flashlight,Hands Free, caving, search and rescue.
Price: 29.93
Alert Red LED Flashing / Constant Alert Safety Flasher Light. search and rescue, walking, nighttime walking, smoke jumpers, forestry fire fighters, wildland firefighting, joggers, jogging, outdoor sports.
Price: 8.67
Smallest Submersible Strobe can be seen from a Coast Guard helicopter in the middle of the ocean during the day.
Price: 28.95
scuba divers, military,fire fighters, scuba, xenon. www.eppescorner.com
Price: 49.97
N O M O R E F L A R E S. Environmentally friendly,emergencies, marker strobe,fire fighters, scuba divers, 1,000 foot underwater depth, landing zone kits,infrared, emergencies, watertight,scuba.
Price: 67.98
Scuba divers, military, fire fighters, emergencies.
Price: 53.98
Military,Forestry,Heavy lift,Private,Estate LZ, Underwater SAR markers,scuba,scuba diving,Medevac, hazard markers,Vertical flight operations,EMS,Fire Dept.,Police, Heliport back-up,Commercial LZ,Offshore rigs,Vessel LZ,Medevac,Underwater SAR markers.
Price: 576.96