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Item# : ELZ-9100-8
Helicopter Emergency Tektite ELZ-9100-8 Helicopter Emergency, Military, Traffic, Police,
Helicopter Landing Zone Xenon Strobe Kit
Tektite ELZ-9100-8


Helicopter Landing Zone Light Kit   

*** Use these environmentally friendly strobes instead of flares. 
*** No ignition danger, no more burns or ruined uniforms. 

***  Securing a temporary landing zone has never been easier. 
***  The Emergency Landing Zone (ELZ) Strobe Kit simplifies the process of 
      calling in a MEDIVAC helicopter by providing everything needed to set up a
      safe landing zone. 

The Complete Emergency Helicopter Landing Zone Kit includes: 
Pelican 1550 Case. 
***  5-LZ Strobes with Bases. 
***  Both flashing and continuous Lamp Modules. 
***  Pace-Out Line. 
***  Instructions Manual and Safety Guides.    
***  4-Red & 1-Blue colored strobe port. 

Six lens colors including infrared (IR) are available for night vision preservation or 
night vision equipment use. 
Kit comes equipped with steady-burning bulb modules.

Other companies LZ kits require assembly, and/or ground attachement. 
Compare our kit and unit weight to theirs, you’ll see the difference! 


***  Easy to use, deploys in seconds. Compact, versatile, effective & affordable. 
***  Bases Fold for Compact Storage. 
***  Units can be permanently mounted easily with a single fastener.
***  Pilot-Preferred. Quickly guides pilots to the specified landing zone from miles away. 
***  Organizes ground crew activity and increases safety. 
***  One person can set up a 100-foot landing zone in minutes. 
***  Strobes are 9.5" tall,  and  
No assembly is required, so there’s no fumbling around in the dark. 
***  3-1/2-pound Spring-Loaded Weighted Bases
keep the strobes upright in high winds and rotor wash.
***  Won’t blow around even under the largest helicopter rotor wash, without ground anchors. 
***  Tested and preferred by Medevac and military pilots. 
***  Multifunctional, use it for traffic control, search markers, hazards marking. 
  Vertical flight operations use include:  
***  EMS, Fire Dept., Police, Military, Forestry, Heavylift, Hospitals, Private or
        Estate LZ, Heliport and  Airport  back-up, Commercial LZ, Offshore rigs, Vessel LZ. 

These Strobes Also Work As:   
***  Portable vehicle emergency lights. 
***  Explosion-resistant roadside hazard markers. 
***  Underwater SAR markers. 
***  Command post or escape route markers. 
***  Traffic control. 
***  Hose marking. 
***  Search markers and other uses. 

***  Bulb:  Xenon strobe.
***  Bulb Life:  3,000,000 flashes. 
***  Burn Time:  30+ hours.
***  Batteries:  ( 2 ) C-cell Alkaline. 
***  Completely waterproof .
***  Materials:  ABS and LEXAN  .
***  Unit Height:  9.5" ( 24 cm ) x 6" ( 15 cm ) Dia. at base .
***  Indivdual Strobe Weight:  3.5 lbs. ( 1.6 kg ) each .
***  Kit Size:  20.5" ( 52 cm ) x 16.75" ( 43 cm ) x 8.5" ( 22 cm ) .

***  # ELZ-9100-8  Standard Kit  -  4 Red / 1 Blue Lenses.

*** Packed singly, or in carry kits of 5 or 10 strobes for convenience, or LZ Kits. 
*** Infrared Lenses are also available for Night Vision Equipment ( Police and Military ) use.
*** Not available for sale to European Union at this time, not RoHS compliant.


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